September 25, 2017


Of course, you can select multiple files by holding down the Control key while clicking files in Explorer. But it can also be via checkboxes!

The Windows Explorer has always been in Windows. Logical too, because it is an essential part of managing your files. Copy, move, open via double-click: we do it daily. Underneath the bonnet, Explorer still fits some nice things. Such as check boxes for files. This option must be enabled first.

Checkboxes and more

Start Explorer and click on the image in the ribbon. Then click Options. In the Options window, click the View tab. In the Options tab under Advanced Settings, select the Use checkboxes to select items option in. Just wait for OK clicks, as there are some handy options that you can instantly switch. For example, disable the Extensions for Known File Types option, and you will always see the full filename. So, for example, my in the case of a zip file. To prevent if any Explorer window crashes, also all other Explorer processes meecrase, you finally enable the option to open Map windows in a separate process. Click OK and you will see not only check boxes and file extensions (the section of a filename after the point), but your Explorer has become a little more stable.