September 25, 2017


Do you suffer from a suddenly spontaneous startup Windows computer? Great chance that your system then responds to so-called Magic Packets. Switching off that option provides an outcome.

Computers are sometimes weird things. They seem to lead more and more their own lives. Many things expire fully. But it will be a bit annoying if your computer decides to turn on independently in the middle of the night. The latter may occur and in most cases the malicious attacker can be found in the network driver. In fact, there is an option hidden that causes the network adapter to turn on the computer as soon as a Magic Packet is received. Apparently, those packages - consisting of a kind of digital key - are sometimes found on the average home network. Some routers can enable a PC or laptop. Therefore, if something is not completely configured in a network, it may lead to spontaneous power-on computers.

Away with the magic

The best solution is simply disabling Magic Packet detection. To do this, click Windows 10 with the right mouse button on Start. In the open context menu, click Device Manager. Click> for Network Adapters. Then right-click on - first - your Ethernet adapter (for wired network connections). Click Properties and in the window that opens, click Advanced. Under Properties, search for an item with Magic Packet, such as Magic Packet Awakening. Click this and then under Value on the right for Disabled. Click OK.

Disable Magic Packets detection

Repeat this procedure for the Wi-Fi adapter. Also there you will find a Magic Packet option. After they have also been disabled, nothing can no longer be activated by anyone or anyone else.