September 25, 2017


Do you ever encounter the fact that Windows 10 crashes during bootup? It may be very easy to do something!

In Windows 10, the "Quick Start" option has been introduced. The idea behind it is noble: by making a kind of mini-image during closing, and using that for the next start, Windows launches fast. For example, all drivers must not be loaded and initialized, for example. Nevertheless, that same Quick Startup also causes problems frequently. For example, because a hardware component does not want to work with and requires initialization when rebooting a computer. If something is similar, then your system may not boot well or not.

Switch off

The solution is obvious: Turn off quick boot. This leads to a somewhat slower system startup. At the same time, closing is just a little faster. After all, there is no need to be saved anymore during closing. The default boot option is enabled by Microsoft. Also, after a major upgrade like that in the Creators Edition, this setting will be reset. Either enabled. Unfortunately, this option is a bit clogged. But we will help you!

Search for a moment

On the Start menu, click Settings. In the open window, click System, followed by a click on Power management and sleep mode in the left column. Now click on Extra Power Settings (top right under Related Settings). Hang on a little longer! Click Set the behavior of the power buttons (indeed, the logic is missing). Click on the Change Settings link that is currently unavailable. Select the check box for the Enable Quick Boot (Recommended) option.

From now on, your computer will start up in the traditional way. A little bit slower, but possibly a lot more certain.