September 25, 2017


Used to worry about my privacy settings at Mac OS X - I'm sure I did not do that when installing Windows 10. Yes, that instinct about the open Wi-Fi networks that we used to be I wrote about this blog, but I did not forget about it. Not so, the settings for your digital privacy should not just leave you unchanged.

During the fine tuning of my Windows 10 installation and reading about the specific settings, drivers and the kind of hassle of my Dell XPS 15, I read in the dedicated dedicated to that laptop that a clean installation was important and that you after that, you had to adjust your privacy settings first, because oh oh that Microsoft , that really wanted to know about you.

Okidoki then. I had put a new SSD in the machine, and that clean installation could be done well. Long story short: It all went well until I read online about those privacy settings of Windows 10. HERE and HERE for example. Windows 10 is not worse than Windows 8, but the settings you may want to / may want to do are not all in one another and with Windows 10 in other places.

Shut up!

Even now, the Dell XPS blog came back to help: ShutUp10 from R & D, a free antispyware tool was the solution. The interface is clear and clear. You can customize the most important privacy settings at one time. I got a warning: Before I did these settings, it was wise to make a system restore point . A recovery point , as it is called in Dutch Windows. Ah, I had this blog: Version 3 of Windows 10: Backup and Recovery . It describes how things are going on. Coming from the Complete Book Windows 10 , which I regularly save.

R & D ShutUp10 with the possible Actions. For example, choose Apply All Recommended Settings, but first, make sure you have a restore point before you release ShutUp10 on your system.

Restore made, privacy settings modified. Ready. The recovery point was apparently not really necessary, as everything turned as before. But still, it's good to be reminded occasionally of the possibility of a repair point, especially if you make a lot of adjustments to your system.