September 25, 2017


Adding or removing tiles in the Start menu is easy to do. But you just have to know how.

In response to a readers question, explain how it all works with those tiles in the Windows Start Menu 10. By default, you are delighted with a range of animated tiles. If you are not waiting for a few, simply remove them. Right- click on an unwanted copy and in the context menu that opens, click Uninstall from Start. Ready.

Add and format

Adding a tile is also easy. Click Start, and then right- click a program or app from the list of items in the menu. In the open context menu, click Attach Start and add the tile. You're not stuck to apps from the Store for the tiles, the trick also works with any other program. That way, you can create a fully personalized Start Menu containing all your commonly used programs at your fingertips. It is even possible to customize the tile size. To do this, right- click on a tile and then under Format resize to the desired dimensions.