September 25, 2017


It's not all that worries about Windows 10 Creators Update. There are also nice new things. Such as Nightlight . With Nightlight, you can control the blue light of your display so you can fall asleep.

We are constantly watching our noses for a screen. Whether it's the screen of our smartphone, our tablet or laptop, we work and read our eyes tired. Well, tired ... Maybe we're tired, but falling asleep we're not doing. The blue light of our screens and screens keeps us from sleep . There are all kinds of solutions on your smartphone. For example, Night Shift on iOS and macOS, and Twilight on Android. Now - thanks to the Creators Update - there is also a built-in solution on your Windows 10 computer: Night lamp.

Turn on night light

You can turn on Nightlight from Windows Settings. That goes very easy:

1-In the Display Settings you will find Nightlight.

2-Choose Settings from the Start menu.

3-In Settings, choose System , Display, Notifications, Power.

4-In the Display section, you will find Nightlight .

5-The Night Lamp - if you have never used it - default Off . Click or tap the Nightlight button to turn it on.

6-Whether the Nightlight immediately (the blue light is filtered) depends on the time you want to turn on the Night Lamp. Click Nightlight Settings .

7-The night lamp is until sunset. You can adjust the color temperature of the light with a slider. Warmer - to orange - means less blue light and is herefore better for sleeping.

9-With Location Services, you can ensure that Nightlight is on when the sun is undergoing. Windows 10 must, of course, know where you are, to know when the sun is undergoing.

10-You can also manually set the times when the night light is on. If you said in the privacy settings that Microsoft does not matter where you are located, the location information is out. Windows 10 does not know exactly when the sun goes down. Then you can choose for a time when the Night Lamp should be on and off.

You can adjust the color temperature of your display when using Nightlight. More to orange means less blue. If you are using your computer for editing photos, it is not the intention to turn on the Night Lamp. The color of the display becomes quite drastic when the Night lamp is on. It is, of course, impossible to correct another picture by color. For reading in your browser, Nightlight is of course very good. Sleep tight!